Digital and seamlessly integrated

EFDIS.ONLINE is technologically up to date, secure, modern in design, flexible in handling and can be used for all online banking transactions.

Banks that offer their customers an online banking solution must always be up to date with the latest technology. The community of increasingly demanding Internet banking users is growing steadily.

Functionality and security are at the top of the list of quality criteria. EFDIS.ONLINE already offers maximum feature breadth in the standard version and gives you enough freedom to customize your Internet banking.

Your advantages

We present you a modern application with comprehensive functionality.

Real-time banking

We offer true real-time banking with the up-to-the-second information status of the core banking booking system - without media discontinuity and without duplicated data storage.

User Experience

Our application is clearly and logically structured, the page layout is clear. Navigation is simple and intuitive. We have included helpful plausibility checks for entries and dialogs so that your customer can carry out his transactions quickly and securely.

Scope of functions

EFDIS.ONLINE already offers a comprehensive scope of services for all online-capable transaction types in the standard version. Various functions can also be displayed completely dynamically depending on the profile of your bank customer.

Corporate Identity

Design according to your requirements

The design of EFDIS.ONLINE is of course responsive, i.e. also optimally usable on mobile devices, and can be flexibly adapted to the appearance of your company.

Terms and texts of the respective pages of EFDIS.ONLINE can be configured client-specific and presented in any language.

The integration of the online banking application into your existing web presence is seamless.

TAN procedure

The ideal interplay between safety and comfort

In EFDIS.ONLINE, the mTAN and activeTAN® procedures are available as standard for authenticating and approving orders.

With the mTAN procedure, the TAN to be entered by the customer and a summary of the transaction are sent by SMS to a mobile number stored in the system.

We have developed the activeTAN® procedure specifically against the backdrop of PSD2 and increased requirements for strong customer authentication, and thus offer a future-proof variant for TAN approval. In the course of the transaction release, a QR code is displayed, which the customer scans via his smartphone using his activeTAN® app. After checking and confirming the transaction data displayed on the smartphone, the customer again receives his TAN via the app and can complete the transaction. The procedure can be used on Android and iOS devices.

We customize the branding of the activeTAN® app to match your company's CI.

Using the activeTAN® app

It is also possible to carry out the activeTAN® procedure using stand-alone hardware. For this purpose, we have developed the tanJack® active reader together with the company Reiner SCT, which can also be used by your customers for approval.

More information: Data sheet tanJack® active (German)

tanJack® active reader for use with activeTAN

Safety concept

Optimal protection of communication channels

When developing our software solutions, we always rely on the latest technology standards, including Internet security.

Using a 5-zone architecture in our server landscape, we guarantee unlimited protection of the communication paths from the Internet to the core banking system. In addition to our extensive internal quality assurance measures, we have external specialists monitor development. This also includes regular penetration tests, which we have carried out in particular when new software components are introduced. Like all our software components, the EFDIS.ONLINE modules are also subject to regular audits and reporting by our auditing department.


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