Advantages through proven partnerships

We see ourselves not only as a supplier of powerful software components, but also as a service provider for holistic, compatible solutions.

To ensure that we can integrate the right modules for our customers at any time, we have created a network of competent partners. We select our providers particularly carefully and live our cooperations in mutual trust.

For our customers, these strategically sensible partnerships not only mean a choice of products and manufacturers, but at the same time ensure the rapid and high-quality implementation of the products.

Our partners

We are expanding our range of solutions with standard interfaces to established providers.

  • Reporting in full service

    With EFDIS.FINREG, we offer an open solution for supplying the reporting systems BAIS and ABACUS. The use of EFDIS.CIFRA is not a prerequisite for this; any core banking systems can be connected by means of standardized interfaces. Together with our partner RUBIQ GmbH & Co. KG we complement the software offering to a full service package with complete reporting generation in outsourcing.
  • Compliance for KYC, embargo and AML

    In team with our partner smartronic, we have developed EFDIS.SCREEN for the compliance screening requirements of customer and transaction data. EFDIS.SCREEN is a modern, browser-enabled application that can be implemented quickly via API and can be used completely independently of EFDIS.CIFRA by any financial services provider.
  • Gateway payment transactions

    Interfaces to various gateway systems are available for the processing of payment transactions. We serve the complete Bundesbank payment traffic (EMZ and TARGET) via SWIFT and EBICS. The gateways are supplied directly from EFDIS.CIFRA.
  • Securities Settlement

    With the connection of the securities service provider dwp, we have created a fully integrated overall banking application via which order processing, settlement and securities account management are supported in full outsourcing. Custody accounts with valued holdings at the position level can be displayed in the total exposure of EFDIS.CIFRA.
  • SAP general ledger

    EFDIS.CIFRA has a powerful interface to the SAP general ledger (SAP-FI). This means that our system can be effortlessly integrated into complex group accounting systems, among other things.

    There is an interface to SCHUFA, and the data is integrated into the EFDIS.CIFRA processes.
  • § 24c KWG

    We fulfill the reporting requirements of Section 24 c of the German Banking Act (KWG) for our customers by providing a standard interface and connections to all account records centers.
  • Risk management/risk-bearing capacity

    Together with our partner ICnova AG, we offer a standardized solution approach for determining risk-bearing capacity for private and special banks by using our financial data DWH EFDIS.FIS. The comprehensive scope of ic.risk-view covers the requirements of different business models, the data supply is structured and seamless via EFDIS.FIS. The solution can also be used independently of EFDIS.CIFRA and integrated into any system landscape.
  • EinSiG

    Pursuant to Section 7 (8) of the German Deposit Protection Act (Einlagensicherungsgesetz - EinSiG), banks must be in a position to provide the German Banks' Compensation Scheme (Entschädigungseinrichtung deutscher Banken - EdB) at any time with all the information required for compensation. In order to ensure timely compensation, each institution is obliged to be able to create a "submitter file" at any time and to maintain the necessary generation processes for this purpose. We take over the creation of the submitter and reporting file for our clients in the basic or the extended version according to the respective current specification.
  • GoBD/GDPdU

    The GoBD describe (as previously the Principles of Data Access and Verifiability of Digital Documents = GDPdU) the principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form as well as for data access. We provide our clients with a correspondingly standardized data access including the necessary evaluations and/or data deductions for the respective authorized auditors.


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