Top marks for efficiency & usability

The sophisticated modules for optimizing workflows create the best conditions for fully automated and efficient handling of complex business processes.

EFDIS.CIFRA serves as a high-performance platform for servicing credit and loan transactions. The graphical user interface is designed in the Windows Explorer principle and enables easy and clear handling. Various cross-sectional functions support efficient and transparent processes.

For standardized mass business, we offer individually designed, guided workflows with a very high degree of automation. With the help of these features, for example, overnight and time deposits can be processed in large quantities in the deposit business. The application of the process is very simple and user-friendly, potential errors are drastically reduced.


The cross-sectional functions of EFDIS.CIFRA provide ideal support for virtually seamless processing.


    The customer explorer in EFDIS.CIFRA offers a complete overview of all customer-related information in a Windows look and feel. It is easy to use and supports processes in customer contact as well as back-office activities. Entries and queries can be made conveniently. The menu can be customized for users (groups) according to their needs.

    The sophisticated application module CIFRA.ANTRAG enables the fully automated processing of business processes during onboarding phase.

    CIFRA.REPORT is a fully integrated report generator that can be used to create all types of output: Lists, evaluations, statements, dynamic texts, letters, etc. Different interface formats (e.g. Excel) are served. Layouts and formats can be customized. Reports can be requested ad-hoc or "subscribed" to on a regular basis. The connection of printing lines and lettershops is provided for in the standard.

    EFDIS.CIFRA has an electronic customer file that can be configured individually for each client. All external correspondence and documents generated from the system are stored in the e-file. The user has a complete view of all documents at all times. The e-file is integrated into the automated system workflows and is part of an integrated document management system.

    The document management system (DMS) in EFDIS.CIFRA is sophisticated and fully integrated into the processes. External and internally generated correspondence is routed to the correct storage location in the e-file via automatic register assignment. The archive has indexing that can be parameterized accordingly. It is controlled via barcodes with OMR functionality. The DMS manages overlays as well as pagination and duplex printing with blank page.

    Various features for workflow design are available to the user. The integrated task management enables a clear and seamless processing of daily business processes. Status controls are included as well as automated resubmissions and notes. Status-dependent events control subsequent process steps, if required, without the processor having to intervene. An integrated messaging system is used to transmit information and distribute tasks.

    Especially in the processing of standardized volume business, best results can be achieved with our ready-made and fully automated workflows.


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