One fits all

EFDIS.CIFRA is a universal core banking software and so flexible that it always fits. Regardless of the business model, the type and size of the financial service provider or the volume of business.

EFDIS.CIFRA combines broad technical coverage with maximum user-friendliness. The essential core functions, especially products and processes, can be individually configured via parameters.

Multilingualism and multicurrency capability, as well as 24/7 availability and end-to-end real-time processing, are of course also part of EFDIS.CIFRA's basic features. The Windows Explorer-style graphical user interface allows intuitive operation.


Maximum scope of services for the core banking business

EFDIS.CIFRA integrates master data management, account management for deposits and loans, payment transactions, financial accounting - and much more.

  • Flexible master data management

    EFDIS.CIFRA has a flexible and sophisticated master data management system that allows freedom for our customers' own structures in each case and the transparent allocation of business units. Persons, addresses and accounts are created in the system, as well as a range of other master data. Regardless of the contractual relationship, legal entities and natural persons can be managed or combined to form any logical units. In the process, EFDIS.CIFRA avoids data redundancy, since all modules that access personal data are supplied from the personal master data. All master data changes to individual persons are automatically transferred to the relevant areas. With unit formation, the allocations required under § 19/2 KWG can also be clearly resolved.
  • Current account and deposit business

    The current account and deposit business takes into account all conceivable, individually configurable product variants, such as current account, savings account, time deposit, call money, savings bond, etc. Flexible, parameter-controlled product management is part of EFDIS.CIFRA's standard scope of services.
  • Credit and loan business

    The multi-layered functions range from credit middle office to back office accounting. In addition to parameter-controlled product diversity in the lending business, EFDIS.CIFRA offers fully integrated collateral management as well as accounts receivable accounting and automated dunning. Furthermore, EFDIS.CIFRA contains an individually configurable scoring module. Various workflows are available, including for application management and the creation of credit decisions.
  • Fee models

    Almost all common fee models can be mapped in the system - also via parameterization. Item charges and postage are defined once in different levels and - triggered by the respective business transaction - calculated automatically. Conditional charges can be defined depending on minimum and average balances.
  • Real-time financial and currency accounting

    EFDIS.CIFRA's financial accounting ensures end-to-end real-time processing on the general ledger and customer side, the balance sheet and the income statement. Our customers can simplify their accounting with EFDIS.CIFRA by flexibly storing posting types and using posting templates for standard transactions. In addition to individual and collective postings, split postings can also be processed. All booking and transfer processes, cancellations and returns are carried out in real time. This eliminates the need for time-critical end-of-day processing. Customers or consultants have an up-to-date online view of the accounts at all times, while the accounting department can freely determine the posting cut-off for balance sheet preparation. Multiple query options provide a comprehensive overview at all times. EFDIS.CIFRA can map the HGB balance sheet as well as the IFRS balance sheet within one system - and in any currency. This is additionally supported by fully integrated currency accounting.
  • Cost accounting

    EFDIS.CIFRA provides integrated cost type and cost center accounting. During dialog posting, the user is supported by parameterized default values and can access a wide range of evaluations.
  • Asset accounting

    With fully integrated asset accounting, our clients flexibly and reliably provide accounting in terms of managing and monitoring property, plant and equipment as well as inventory and consumption recording. The function efficiently supports budget and investment planning, year-end closing and inventory work and maps the common depreciation procedures according to HGB and IFRS. The automated creation of the asset grid is included as well as automated reconciliation processes for asset and depreciation accounts. Future depreciation can be simulated for any number of years. Reports and evaluations can be individually designed and archived in the electronic file.
  • Payment transactions for domestic and foreign countries

    Payment transactions are an integral part of real-time financial accounting in EFDIS.CIFRA. The data exchange can be initiated at any time independently of the posting cut-off and is independent of third-party systems and additional modules. In domestic payment transactions, EFDIS.CIFRA supports all common routing methods via automated allocation. The payment transaction function enables electronic mass payment transactions via EMZ and SEPA as well as transactions via TARGET2. Foreign payment traffic is also covered in EFDIS.CIFRA by means of a fully integrated function and with the required SWIFT formats.
  • Taxes

    The final withholding tax is fully mapped in EFDIS.CIFRA, including tax optimization. Our clients can choose whether the tax consolidation is managed in EFDIS.CIFRA or in the securities system. There are interfaces to the leading service providers in the securities area for the final withholding tax. EFDIS.CIFRA always supports tax reporting in line with current legal requirements.

Process design

The sophisticated modules for optimizing workflows create the best conditions for fully automated and efficient handling of complex business processes.

Standard interfaces

We see ourselves not only as a supplier of powerful software components, but also as a service provider for holistic, compatible solutions.


24/7 availability

EFDIS.CIFRA is a real-time system that processes all booking processes in real time and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The design of the EFDIS.CIFRA software is such that the number of trades or transactions does not affect system availability. Due to the consistent use of relational data models and the high degree of integration of the application, high-performance data access is possible at all times. Certified load tests have shown year-end processing times in the single-digit hour range for account numbers in the millions and have proven the linearity of the performance.

Linear performance


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