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Lean solution processes, rapid implementation, secure operation for optimal management of legal and regulatory requirements.

You face the challenge of meeting the comprehensive and ever-increasing demands of auditing, supervision and legislators for monitoring payment flows. You need to be transparent about the identity of your business partner even before you conclude a transaction and actively manage any risks arising from your business relationships.

Take advantage of EFDIS.SCREEN for full coverage of the three pillars KYC, Embargo and AML, individually or as a package according to the pay-per-use model: lean solution processes, fast implementation, secure operation as well as optimal coverage of legal requirements.


Know Your Customer

Legislation requires you to ensure that you do not enter into business relationships with partners or their representative bodies that are included on the relevant sanctions, watch or PEP lists.

We help you to map the complex requirements for due diligence during the onboarding process as well as regular screenings of your customer base in simple and legally compliant processes.


Monitoring cash flows

EU regulations prohibit, under threat of severe penalties, (money) transactions with persons or companies that are listed on sanctions, embargo or boycott lists.

We help you to identify these persons or companies accurately and to prevent unauthorized money transfers.


Anti Money Laundering

The Money Laundering Act (GWG) requires banks in particular to take active measures to detect and prevent financial transactions suspected of being terrorist or money laundering-related.

We help you to meet your due diligence obligations by means of structured due diligence of your business partners as well as pattern-recognizing monitoring of money transfers.

Scope of services

Safety, efficiency and comfort with EFDIS.SCREEN


EFDIS.SCREEN is based on modern system standards and can be operated intuitively via a web interface.

Revision security

The release of "hits" takes place via configurable N-eye processes, and the results are documented in an audit-proof manner.


The application is multilingual in use and reporting.


Search algorithms can be freely configured via scorecards.

Real-time capability

The search in the sanctions lists is performed in real time by intelligent data management.

Integration capability

Connection to partner systems is simple and secure using our standard API.

Technical Features KYC Screening

The search algorithms implemented in the EFDIS.SCREEN standard can be supplemented at any time by additional ones


All data from the sanctions lists are converted into a uniform format through a normalization process.

Jaro Winkler resemblance

The algorithm is based on an analysis of similarities within matching letters and their position among each other.


Intelligent holding and de-duplication of normalized data results in a search query in a few milliseconds.

N-gram frequency

The algorithm decomposes the terms into sequences of equal size and evaluates them according to the criteria of frequency and significance.

Individually configurable scorecards can be used to modify the algorithms with regard to search severity, weighting, and the integration of sanction sources.

Sanctions lists

Extensive availability of sanctions lists


Consolidated Financial Sanction List ~ 14.000 entries


List of Specially Designated Nationals ~ 8.500 entries


UN Security Council Consolidated List ~ 1.000 entries


Financial sanctions targets ~10.000 entries


Sanction List total ~ 2.000 entries


The modular integration of further information sources or individual lists is possible at any time.


Your advantages

On the safe side with EFDIS.SCREEN

  • You are compliant at all times through our audit and regulatory compliant solution.
  • You protect your customers' data during operation in our highly secure and certified infrastructure.
  • You benefit economically from our pay-per-use pricing model.
  • You benefit from fast, resource-efficient implementation.
  • You impress your customers with a smooth onboarding experience thanks to immediate response.
  • You always have up-to-date, recognized data sources with international coverage.
  • You facilitate the daily work of your specialist department by dealing with fully automated processes and user-friendly interfaces.
  • You support your management with data availability at all times and clear dashboards.


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