Banking with EFDIS

Competence & Partnership

In view of the many challenges posed by the market and legislators to IT and processes, viable partnerships in the area of core banking are of great importance.

Founded in 1997 as a subsidiary of the private bank Ludwig Sperrer in Freising, we have grown continuously and today serve more than 20 clients. Thanks to our origins, we understand the banking business in all its manifestations and bring our know-how and our far-reaching partner network to every client relationship.

We provide support in finding ideas as well as in designing new financial products and business processes. The professional and fast implementation of projects is just as natural for us as the individual and competent support in daily business.

Openness & integrability


Fast implementation and modular usability play an important role. That is why we have designed EFDIS.CIFRA in such a way that all components can be used individually or as an integrated whole. The implementation of various modules takes place in a "plug-and-play" manner via our standard APIs. The combination of certified security features with open processes makes us a recognized partner for financial platforms and FinTech companies.

Compliance & Security

Highest standards in operation

We operate two remote data center sites for production and backup, based on modern security concepts and redundant infrastructure design.

Meeting all regulatory requirements for our operations is not only an obligation for us, but also a strategic task.
Our services comply without restriction with the requirements of the financial supervisory authorities. There, we are recognized as a reliable outsourcing partner for banks. Our service provision is fully BAIT and MaRisk compliant.

We undergo annual audits in accordance with IDW PS 951 (revised).

Turnkey full service

Banking out of the Box

Our comprehensive service portfolio flanks the software modules and offers business solutions ranging from individual specialist support to full turnkey service. Outsourcing enables our clients to use the full scope of services of a banking operation without having to build up know-how and infrastructure outside their core competencies. Costs remain variable and adapt to business developments.

They benefit from our extensive experience with efficient workflows, close-meshed quality controls and professional external communication:

  • No media breaks
  • Fast turnaround times
  • High quality level
  • Short implementation times

Services provided by CPB

Increase your business value

The use of cloud & business services is becoming increasingly popular with companies. It is no longer necessary to buy your own hardware and software; instead, the required services can simply be used and billed as needed. CPB provides the desired services in the cloud for you.

Cloud & Business Services from CPB

Flexible application

Secure use


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