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With our EFDIS.SCREEN application, we are in line with the trend. Banks are currently facing growing challenges in the risk-oriented management of their customer relationships. In many cases, the currently implemented solutions do not meet the requirements for lean, digital processes and the up-to-the-second availability of data and information. Perhaps you are also considering the use of new software and are asking yourself the following questions:

  • Are good compliance solutions affordable at all?
  • Compliance systems are often complicated and confusing, aren't they?
  • Can time-consuming and possibly manual processes lead to delays in onboarding and negative customer experiences?
  • In view of the high demands placed on processes and IT security by lawmakers and regulators, am I secure?
  • Is my customers' data also secure?
  • Is the implementation a major project and will I have problems integrating it into my existing architecture?

Here you will find the answers: Compliance with EFDIS.SCREEN

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