Fall event of the ERFA group

On November 6 and 7, the ERFA group meets under the leadership of Prof. Dr. Stefan Zeranski

In the dignified setting of the beautiful Hilton Vienna Plaza hotel, located in the heart of Vienna, work will again be done on heavyweight topics.
Prof. Dr. Zeranski has also been able to attract interesting speakers for this event. Oliver Fiala from Volksbank Wien will talk about ESG transformation, Wolf Müller will look at the interest rate storm and its significance for the transformation of the economy towards climate neutrality against the background of his former position as Head of Trasury at ING Diba. Further interesting contributions and discussion suggestions come from Thomas Nordheim, Evangelische Bank as well as from Michael Schnekenbühl, La Française Systematic Asset Management GmbH. Mrs. Jo Anna Schulze reports together with Kirsten Klosin of the EFDIS AG on the basis a descriptive system demonstration about the successes with the employment of the Compliance Tool EFDIS.SCREEN in the bank house C.L. Seeliger, Wolfenbüttel. The first conference day ends with a dinner at the restaurant "Figlmüller". The second day will be held by VDStv. Mag. Christian Ratz, Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich, Sven Wessarges, Calenberger Kreditverein as well as Dr. Matthias Haug, Volksbank Flein-Talheim eG.

Please have a look at the agenda - maybe a trip to Vienna fits into your calendar?

Registration as always via info@profzeranski.de.

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