We celebrate company anniversary

25 years EFDIS

When EFDIS was founded in the summer of 1997 as a wholly owned subsidiary of the private bank Ludwig Sperrer in Freising, no one could have foreseen what it would one day become. There was an idea, an ambitious plan and a highly motivated and committed team that took action. With a mixture of great optimism, confidence in the know-how that had been built up and with a lot of genuine entrepreneurial spirit, it was possible to complete a new, powerful core banking software on time for the changeover to EURO and Y2K. At least as big was the challenge for the young, unknown company to establish itself in the highly competitive market. We have succeeded in this as well. Today, we can look back on a quarter of a century of successful growth and are a recognized and established provider of a wide range of banking services and a variety of different financial services. Our thanks go to our dedicated employees, our loyal customers and our reliable partners.

Graphic: SanArt26061979/Shutterstock.com

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