Reliability and partnership

With our products and services around EFDIS.CIFRA, we have developed more than just investment-proof, modern banking software. We see ourselves as a reliable, strategic partner and support our clients reliably and competently at every stage of the business relationship.

To position themselves in the market and vis-à-vis the competition and to consolidate this position, companies and services must be unique. We support this with customized concepts and the needs-based combination of software, operations and services. In the interest of our clients, we combine the security and efficiency of proven standards with many degrees of freedom for the design of their own target image.

We have deliberately designed our offering to be open and flexible so that it always fits. From a small private bank with a branch network to an international group bank or a specialist bank with purely online business.

From bankers for bankers

Our customers benefit from our in-depth specialist and industry know-how

The majority of our team consists of experienced banking specialists. We provide services "by bankers for bankers" and understand our clients' business not only from a technical perspective. We manage our clients' implementation projects with a great deal of experience and expertise. We reliably implement the constantly growing regulatory requirements for the financial industry and build the bridge to the contemporary interpretation of digital financial products and processes.

Time to market

We enable our customers to quickly reach the market and create value

Over the next few years, both our clients and we will have to take digitization into account in the sense of a comprehensive technological transformation of the entire business processes. What is required are innovative, IT-driven solutions for mapping banking processes. That is why we are consistently aligning our IT strategy with the goals of market participants. EFDIS 2.0 enables simple, standardized technical implementation in our EFDIS Private Cloud. Digital and browser-based within a few days instead of via complex projects. We provide products and processes as microservices in a plug-and-play approach, ensuring optimal time-to-market.

Compliance first

By partnering with us, our customers are always and seamlessly compliant

In addition to digitization, increasing national and international regulatory efforts are shaping market activity. In our capacity as a multi-client service provider, we bear a special responsibility for ensuring that our service provision is fully compliant with the applicable rules, laws and regulations. While this circumstance has always shaped our actions, MaRisk and BAIT have added a new dimension to this aspect. Our clients can rest assured that the use of our professional and technical services is accompanied by compliance with the requirements of auditing and financial supervision at all times.

Unrestricted compliance

Revision security at any time


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