25 years EFDIS

Since 1997, we have been providing services "by bankers for bankers" and understand our clients' business not only from a technical perspective.

Since our founding, we have shaped a continuous growth path with great success and developed into a recognized and established provider in the field of banking software and services.

Our client and partner relationships have always been geared towards long-term, joint success. Today, we serve over 20 clients with a team of around 60 employees.



In 1997, EFDIS AG is founded as a wholly owned subsidiary of the renowned private bank Ludwig Sperrer in Freising. Konrad Filser becomes the sole director of the company and brings his wide-ranging IT and banking know-how acquired at Bankhaus Sperrer to EFDIS. The foundation also marks the start of the new development of the EFDIS.CIFRA software and the expansion of ASP services in the EFDIS data center.


Euro introduction & Y2K

Within three years, EFDIS has brought the new EFDIS.CIFRA software to market maturity and mastered the EURO conversion and Y2K. The predecessor software in use at Bankhaus Sperrer and five other banks was replaced within the scope of migration projects and the launch on the market was prepared.


Expansion of the Board of Management

Together with many new employees, EFDIS is also strengthened at the management level. Kirsten Klosin joins the company's Management Board in 2001 and assumes responsibility for marketing, sales, customer support and project management. EFDIS establishes the new brand and from then on acquires one to two clients per year.


Foundation EFDIS Servicing GmbH

EFDIS adds business process outsourcing to its service portfolio. Through its subsidiary EFDIS Servicing GmbH, EFDIS offers flexible models for the outsourcing of business processes in the credit and deposit area.


EFDIS becomes a training company

EFDIS is recognized by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria as a training company and has since been training IT specialists in the fields of software development and system integration.


Online banking

With the introduction of EFDIS.ONLINE, EFDIS adds the first B2C application to its product range. An integrated real-time system that works without duplicated data storage.


Open Banking

Under the keyword Open Banking, banks are increasingly expanding their service landscape and taking new paths in the development of business models. With a web service API, EFDIS has been offering a further option in the standard since 2016 to make data and functions of the applications usable for third-party providers.


EFDIS Anniversary

EFDIS celebrates its 20th anniversary and looks back on a successful growth path.



Together with the clients, EFDIS implements a uniform, binding standard for all data center clients for the design of services with regard to the requirements of MaRisk and BAIT. This includes processes, controls, communication and a restructured reporting system. At the same time, certification in accordance with IDW PS951 n.F. is successfully completed.


Expansion of the Board of Management

In 2018, Mr. Christian Wust will join the Management Board of EFDIS AG. His responsibilities focus on the areas of compliance with a focus on MaRisk and BAIT, auditing as well as data protection. Under Mr. Wust's management, the implementation of the BAIT standards will be a great success.



By providing an access-to-accounts interface for account information and payment initiation services, as well as a QR code-based TAN procedure for strong customer authentication, EFDIS offers its clients future-proof solutions to meet legal compliance as well as to open up new business areas.


RTF with ICNova

EFDIS establishes strategic partnership with ICNova AG for a risk-bearing capacity offering. The solution is highly rated and provides users with great benefits in risk compliance.



EFDIS begins redesign of EFDIS.CIFRA with the goal of creating an open and cloud-enabled core banking solution.



In response to growing regulatory and compliance pressures, EFDIS is working with partners to develop the forward-looking solutions EFDIS.SCREEN for KYC, embargo, AML and EFDIS.FINREG for statutory reporting and financial reporting.


EFDIS & CPB - Stronger together

In November 2023, EFDIS and CPB Software AG merge from a position of strength. The long-standing, trusting partnership between the two companies thus takes on a new quality.


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